Technical Information

This section is devoted to the various papers and lecture-notes which we feel may be of some interest to our customers. It also gives an overview of the relevent software upgrades for our instruments.(Adobe Acrobat reader may be required in order to view some of these files;

Oct.'08: Basic priciples of the Digiscan 007 satellite meter click here

May '08: Annie 204 Software upgrade to version 2.5 May 2008. This gives the end user the capability to switch between Analogue and digital Terrestrial in the triple screen mode.

A new version of the Signal Records software to be used with version 2.4 software for Annie 204 ( nb.Annie MUST have version 2.4 s/w to use new Signal records s/w !) added March 2008

Upgrading instrument ANNIE 204

Download AFU.EXE here to upgrade your Annie 204 software over the internet

Channel Level Comparison by David E. Woollard, FSCTE. This paper comprehensively discusses the difference between measuring a QAM and a PAL I analogue signal. (248KB)
The Measurement of Digitally Modulated RF Signals (The basic principles) By Chris Swires, FSCTE. Swires Research.
Are all your bits in place? A lecture given by Chris Swires at the 1999 CAI conference at Heathrow. (700KB)
Measuring Digital Signals, a short piece first presented in "Digital News" from the Digital Terrestrial Group.

Common Acronyms A comprehensive list of commonly used acronyms (a spreadsheet programme such as Microsoft Excel (200KB) is required in order to view this file).

Four years of digital measurements.Four years of measuring digitally modulated signals.pdf A lecture presented to the SCTE in September 2001 by Chris Swires (783K)