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Swires Research has over the last 40 years been committed to maintaining the highest engineering standards in radio frequency measurement technology. By using the latest technologies we have produced accurate, reliable and robust products, with each successive generation of our portable instruments revealing reductions in size and weight, as well as improved technical performance.

Swires' original software further enhances the user-friendliness of our instruments. RF modules used are of our own unique design.

Our goal has always been to produce a comprehensive range of quality instruments, which satisfied the highest standards of measurement integrity and reliability, along with fulfilling the many other requirements for professional equipment.

It is a source of both pride and satisfaction that we have frequently received compliments from our customers on the all-round performance of our products.

We have never simply followed our industry; we are true innovators and, after more than 40 years, our committment has been to produce the best equipment for our customers

The service department offers a full service and recalibration to our range of instruments produced over the years - why buy new ? These meters were built to last !

To all our customers, thank you for your loyal and continuous support over the years.

 Chris Swires Managing Director